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News 1PLC Touchscreens: The Benefits of Adaptability

In an ever-changing industry it can often be difficult to know the right choice when deciding on a product for your plant controls. There are numerous variables to consider, such as: cost, control requirements, troubleshooting, post installation upgrades, ease of use, and the ability to quickly adapt to……

Aesco Madsen retro-fitted control systemRetrofit Systems: Progress Through Simplicity

Here at Aesco Madsen our goal when building retrofit controls for our customers is to wade through what can sometimes be an immensely complicated existing system and design a compatible interfacing system that is simple, yet highly functional. The retrofit process begins by us communicating with the customer…….


Variable Frequency Drives: Expanding the Limits of InnovationVariable Frequency Drives: Expanding the Limits of Innovation

Having the capability to independently adjust the motor speed on various asphalt plant systems such as feeders, pumps, and airlocks has long been necessary for quality asphalt production. Variable Frequency Drives, also known as VF Drives, are what allow for this virtually unlimited…….

Hydraulic Portable Scale ConveyorHydraulic Portable Scale Conveyor: Elevate Your Plant’s Efficiency

Nearly half a century of industry experience has provided Aesco Madsen with unique insight on where to find opportunities for improving plant efficiency. One of the newest additions…….

Innovative Safety with AC Tank Hi/Low Level Sensors

Every asphalt cement storage tank needs a reliable system that ensures that the level of asphalt cement inside the tank stays within a safe range. The importance of safeguarding an asphalt storage tank from overflowing out onto the surrounding plant site is…….

Scalping Screen 1Scalping Screen: Introducing Adjustable Air Bags

By replacing traditional metal springs with adjustable air bags, pressure can be properly regulated to screen material more efficiently and avoid the overly violent vibrations that can knock useable material off before having a chance to…….

Baghouse Dust Waste AugerBaghouse Dust Waste Auger: The Key to Mix Design Freedom

Constructed with ½” thick AR225 steel flighting, folded flight segments, and staggered mixing panels; the Dust Waste Auger allows the plant operator to maintain precise control of both the excess dust directed to waste as well as dust re-introduced back into the mix, all without sacrificing……

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