The Key to Mix Design Freedom

Baghouse Dust Waste Auger

One of the more significant challenges faced on any asphalt plant is how to best direct the residual dust that results as a byproduct of asphalt production. Most modern plant operations have mix formulas that call for a percentage of the dusts to be re-introduced back into the mix. Far too often, however, the actual amount that is returned back into mix will deviate from the amount called for by the mix formula. To combat this issue and provide full mix design freedom for their clients, Aesco Madsen has developed its Dust Waste Auger.

Constructed with ½” thick AR225 steel flighting, folded flight segments, and staggered mixing panels; the Dust Waste Auger allows the plant operator to maintain precise control of both the excess dust directed to waste as well as dust re-introduced back into the mix, all without sacrificing production. This is accomplished by providing a means to handle any amount of dust directed to waste and remove it from the system cleanly and efficiently.

Equipped with a fully adjustable dust hydration system, the Waste Auger’s fleet of water injection nozzles is strategically positioned along the length of the auger. This hydration system provides the moisture required for a clean discharge of the material from the system, as well as eliminates the invasive airborne dust produced by dry waste systems.

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