Innovative Safety


Every asphalt cement storage tank needs a reliable system that ensures that the level of asphalt cement inside the tank stays within a safe range. The importance of safeguarding an asphalt storage tank from overflowing out onto the surrounding plant site is fairly obvious. What may be less obvious are the potentially severe consequences that can arise if the level of asphalt cement falls below the tanks temperature regulating thermocouples, causing the small yet significant amount of combustible asphalt cement left in the tank to overheat. In their constant goal to avoid any such hazardous situations, Aesco Madsen has adopted state of the art reliability for their A/C tanks in the form of a Vibrating Level Switch.

With the benefit of no mechanical parts, the new technology utilized in these High and Low liquid level sensors makes detecting the presence of asphalt cement as simple as their vibrating tuning forks ceasing to vibrate as the fluid envelops them. To prevent tank spillage during the filling process, the high level sensor is interlocked to the tank’s unloading pump, shutting down the pump once the high level sensor detects asphalt. Overheating of the asphalt and the tank heating elements is avoided by interlocking the tanks’ heater to the low level switch, which disengages the heater once asphalt is no longer detected by the low level sensor.

By moving away from the more traditional mechanical float systems you eliminate their associated risks of misalignment, mechanical failures, and the build up of liquid asphalt on crucial components. Additionally, potential misalignments caused during shipment from jobsite to jobsite are avoided with this innovative new system. If ensuring a safe plant site while reducing maintenance costs is important to you, Aesco Madsen’s state of the art Hi/Low Limit Switches are a necessity for your liquid asphalt storage system.

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