The Benefits of Adaptability

In an ever-changing industry it can often be difficult to know the right choice when deciding on a product for your plant controls. There are numerous variables to consider, such as: cost, control requirements, troubleshooting, post installation upgrades, ease of use, and the ability to quickly adapt to the needs and requirements of plant operations as they change over time. Through an understanding of these factors, Aesco Madsen has developed a line of PLC based plant motor controls for asphalt and crusher plants alike.

Extremely diverse in their applications, PLC touchscreens offer multiple menus and complete operator interfaces on a single screen. Some menu / control screens available include: an all-inclusive motor control pushbutton layout with appropriate safety and interlocking functions, loaded start up and shut down features, ammeters with overload alarms, temperature inputs, VFD controls, no flow switches, and much more. The highly versatile capabilities that PLC touchscreen systems offer has allowed Aesco Madsen to meet any and all plant control needs they have encountered, no matter what they may be. Moreover, the ability to customize the logic and thus add your own unique functionality post install without increasing the physical footprint truly takes adaptability to the next level.

Every PLC touchscreen system Aesco Madsen develops for their customers includes a new laptop computer pre-loaded with the PLC software and ladder logic. The system also allows Aesco Madsen service technicians the ability to connect to the computer remotely should you ever need assistance with online updates, custom changes, or troubleshooting.

The future of PLC touchscreen systems is a bright one, and Aesco Madsen is leading the way by developing creative new ways to meet their customers control system needs with the innovative technology.

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