Progress Through Simplicity

Here at Aesco Madsen our goal when building retrofit control systems for our customers is to wade through what can sometimes be an immensely complicated existing system and design a compatible interfacing control that is simple, yet highly functional.

The retrofit process begins by us communicating with the customer in order to ensure we have a firm understanding of what they expect from the system we are to customize for them. Once that is established we begin the tedious yet rewarding tasks of product and compatibility research, design, fabrication, and finally installation and start-up.

Throughout all of these phases our primary focus is ease of use for the end user. The depth in which we seek to understanding each job we set out to retrofit allows us to in turn create simplicity within our design schematics as well as the way in which our control system will work and be used by the plant operator.

Our hand built control panels and subpanels give our retrofit systems a custom touch that allows our personality to come through, yet also provides the symmetrical precision that Aesco Madsen products are known for. Wire organization is also key to this custom precision, as we believe that what is hidden beneath our panels is just as important as what is above.

Start-up and continued use can always be a trying time with a new retrofit control system as it will be different from what was there before. This is exactly why simplification is the most important quality when it comes to retrofit systems. With this in mind, field installation can be done by the customer or by an Aesco Madsen service technician, with support being available either by phone or in-person as needed.

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