Introducing Adjustable Air Bags

When looking at the big picture of an asphalt plant, the scalping screen might seem to many like a commonplace system for which further improvements are not available. Aesco Madsen has successfully enhanced this old standard with the introduction of their Scalping Screen with adjustable air bags, which offers reduced structural noise, longer service life, and maximizes the amount of useable material utilized in the mix.

By replacing traditional metal springs with adjustable air bags, pressure can be properly regulated to screen material more efficiently and avoid the overly violent vibrations that can knock useable material off before having a chance to pass through the deck of the scalping screen. Additionally, the reduced friction from the adjustable air bag system results in both a quieter operation and extended lifetime of the scalping screen. Available in sizes ranging from 3 x 5 feet to 4 x 8 feet, Aesco Madsen’s Scalping Screens, with adjustable air bags, offer the modern technology needed to assist in maximizing the efficiency of your plant operations.

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