Expanding the Limits of Innovation

Variable Frequency Drives: Expanding the Limits of Innovation

Having the capability to independently adjust the motor speed on various asphalt plant systems such as feeders, pumps, and airlocks has long been necessary for quality asphalt production. Variable Frequency Drives, also known as VF Drives, are what allow for this virtually unlimited control of motor speed. In their constant pursuit to elevate systems efficiency through innovation, Aesco Madsen has begun to incorporate VF drives in creative new ways.

To illustrate one example, imagine a traditional exhaust fan tasked with regulating the airflow through a baghouse. Its startup is a violent one, pulling an immense amount of power all at once. This puts unwanted stress on portable generators and results in high demand charges for utility powered installations. This exhaust fan example will also need a mechanical louvered damper to regulate airflow, which requires its own maintenance and calibration.

Now imagine this same system utilizing a VF Drive. Instead of a violent start up, the fan can be eased up to speed with the simple turn of a dial. This eliminates both unnecessary strain on the generators and excessive demand charges. Additionally, since the precise regulation of airflow is now achieved through the systems ability to adjust fan speed, the need for a mechanical damper and its associated maintenance is also removed.

The exhaust fan is merely one of several applications in which Aesco Madsen has found innovative new ways VF Drives can improve efficiency and lower costs. Slat conveyors can now be adjusted to coincide with the plants product output. The lifespan of dust augers are being extended by only running at the level needed to move dust out of the baghouse. Even the rotational speed of their drum mix dryers can now be fine-tuned to create the optimal aggregate veil at a wider range of production rates. It’s safe to assume that with Aesco Madsen’s continued focus on creative innovation, even more useful applications of Variable Frequency Drives are on the horizon.

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