Asphalt Cement Tank

With a variety of sizes ranging from 10,000 US Gallons (38,000 Liters) to 30,000 US Gallons (114,000 Liters), Aesco Madsen’s horizontal asphalt storage tanks are designed to provide optimal heat efficiency, quiet operation, and years of trouble free usage. This advanced A/C storage technology can be customized with a selection of metering systems, fully jacketed piping, reversible pumps, and much more to fit your specific requirements.

Portable Model Specifications

Asphalt Cement Tank 7

Stationary Model Specifications

Asphalt Cement Tank 8

Available Upgrades
  • All-in one, self-contained, and insulated mass flow meter
  • Unloading pump with forward/reverse, start/stop station and overfill protection
  • Tank mixers for maintained distribution of asphalt cement within the tank
  • Skid mounted landing gear pads
  • Cross piping for the connection of additional asphalt storage tanks
  • Fume condenser to remove excess fumes from the storage tank

The mass flow meter provides measurements for flow rate, temperature, specific gravity, and the details of the A/C pump’s output all in one self contained component. Additionally, the mass flow meter automatically inputs this information into the blending computer.

Without the mass flow meter; the temperature, specific gravity, and A/C pump output details will need to be determined and then input into the blending computer either manually or by way of other equipment.

Safety Through Innovation

Hi/Low Limit Sensors

Every asphalt cement storage tank needs a reliable system that ensures that the level of asphalt cement inside the tank stays within a safe range. The importance of safeguarding an asphalt storage tank from overflowing out onto the surrounding plant site is fairly obvious. What may be less obvious are the potentially severe consequences that can arise if the level of asphalt cement falls below the tanks temperature regulating thermocouples, causing the small yet significant amount of combustible asphalt cement left in the tank to overheat. To avoid such scenarios Aesco Madsen has adopted state of the art reliability for their A/C tanks in the form of the Vegaswing 63 Vibrating Level Switch.

With the new technology utilized in these High and Low liquid level sensors, detecting the presence of asphalt cement is as simple as their vibrating tuning forks ceasing to vibrate as the fluid envelops them. To prevent tank spillage during the filling process, the high level sensor is linked to the tank’s unloading pump, shutting down the pump once the high level sensor detects asphalt. Overheating of the asphalt and the tank heating elements is avoided by linking the tanks heater to the low level switch, which disengages the heater once asphalt is no longer detected by the low level sensor.

By moving away from the more traditional mechanical systems you also eliminate their associated risks of misalignment, mechanical failures, and the build up of liquid asphalt on crucial components. Additionally, potential misalignments caused during shipment from job site to job site are also avoided with this innovative new system. If ensuring a safe plant site while reducing maintenance costs is important to you, Aesco Madsen’s state of the art Hi/Low Limit Switches are a necessity for your liquid asphalt storage system.

Heating Systems

Direct Fire

This heating system involves a burner flame pointed into a hollow cavity in the A/C tank. The burner flame provides direct heat to the A/C tank and subsequently heats the A/C inside of the tank. The tracing oil for this system runs throughout a series of pipes lining the inside of the A/C tank This allows the tracing oil be heated from the A/C within the tank.

Indirect Fire

This system for heating the A/C also uses a burner flame, but instead of heating the A/C tank directly like the direct fire system, the burner heats a container of tracing oil. The heated tracing oil is then circulated through a piping system running throughout the inside of the A/C tank. The heat from this tracing oil is transferred to the A/C within the tank, thus heating our asphalt cement indirectly.


In this system, heating coils which run on electricity (much like the heating coils on an electric stove top) line the bottom of you’re A/C tank and are tasked with bringing the A/C up to temperature.

Asphalt Cement Tank 6

Available in a wide range of models to meet the specific requirements of each and every client, Aesco Madsen’s line of asphalt cement storage tanks come equipped with a full suite of industry leading standard features. A broad selection of additional upgrades are also available for customers who would like to explore the upper limits of plant efficiency and performance. For additional information on how Aesco Madsen A/C tanks can improve your plant operations, contact one of Aesco Madsen’s knowledgeable sales representatives today.

What Our Customers Say

"We have purchased 7 parallel flow plants from Aesco Madsen. Their A/C Tanks are durable and plumbed in a simple way. I love their electrically heated models."

Willie Letkemen

Knelsen Sand & Gravel, La Crete, Alberta