Control Van

Available in a variety of portable and stationary models varying in size and layout to accommodate the requirements of every customer, Aesco Madsen’s series of control van systems are equipped to serve as both the power distribution and the control center for any asphalt plant. By maintaining a focus on customization and simplicity for the end user, the control van / motor control center systems produced by Aesco Madsen have become renown within the industry for both user satisfaction and reliability.

Model Specifications

Aesco Madsen Control Van Specifications

Standard Features
  • Custom designed console mounted control systems with interfaced sub-panels
  • Gutters and conduit for wire and cable organization throughout control van
  • Premium climate control system for the plant operator and the motor control center
  • Motor control power distribution center pre-wired to control console
  • Quick disconnect and amphenol ports for easy motor and control cable connections
  • Console mounted warning horn system to alert plant employees of plant start-up or shut-down
Available Upgrades
  • Voltage test indicator mounted on the motor control center for verification of high voltage
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) touchscreen for plant motor start/stop control
  • Day/night generator switch for maintaining power to crucial plant systems around the clock
  • Upgraded 50 KVA rated transformer for added plant equipment power

Extreme caution must be taken when dealing with the high voltage that is used to power the motors throughout an asphalt plant. As the distribution center for this high voltage power, the motor control center (MCC) housed within the control van must have certain safety systems in place to protect plant employees.

In an attempt to provide added protection to their customers, Aesco Madsen has begun offering an optional SafeSide Voltage Test Station installed on their motor control center systems. This voltage test station is a Permanent Electrical Safety Device (PESD) that allows workers a safer way to verify the presence or absence of voltage from outside the electrical cabinet. The component is hardwired directly to the energy source within the MCC, allowing both visual verification and measurement of voltages through a meter test.

Control Van 5

Customized Controls

Aesco Madsen does not take the one size fits all approach with any of their equipment, and the control van systems they produce are no exception. With an understanding that every customer has varying needs when it comes to factors such as data acquisition, automation, simplicity, and budget; special care is taken in order to customize the control systems within each and every control van to best meet those specific needs.

Control Console

The byproduct of providing this level of customization is that Aesco Madsen is constantly seeking out new components of adaptability and innovation with which they can incorporate into their control systems. May it be a programmable logic controller (PLC) touchscreen in place of a traditional start/stop pushbutton control, a day/night generator to allow for certain systems to be run around the clock, or a safe side voltage indicator for an added level of safety from the high voltage running throughout the motor control center; innovation through customization has allowed Aesco Madsen to establish itself as a leader in customer satisfaction.

Satisfied Customers

"The Control Vans that Aesco Madsen has manufactured for us over the years have worked without a hitch. They are well put together, operator friendly and easy to install. Not to mention, as the years go on, we have been able to seamlessly add upgraded and supplementary Aesco Madsen control systems to their original Control Vans, as their design makes that process as simple as possible. "

Joe Shallo

Granite Construction, Alaska