High Ratio Baghouse

Available in both portable and stationary models, Aesco Madsen’s High Ratio Baghouse series operates at an air to cloth ratio as high as 10:1. As a result of this efficiency, a more compact collector at a lower initial cost is now available for your plant operations. This advanced filtering technology allows for fewer bags and cages to maintain, less wear and tear of the filter media, lower pressure drops, and reduced energy consumption.

Portable Model Specifications

HRB Baghouse Portable Specifications

Stationary Model Specifications

High Ratio Baghouse 9

Standard Features
  • High side air entry eliminates upward air movement – a true down flow design
  • Built in knockout chamber drops out larger dust particles before bag section
  • Baffled air inlet protects bags from abrasion and aids in even air distribution
  • Supersonic nozzles increase energy of air jet pulse for better cleaning and lower pressure drop
  • Wider bag spacing eliminates dust re-entrainment on adjacent bags
  • Uniform dust cake distribution along entire length of the bag for maximum filtering efficiency
Available Upgrades
  • Variable frequency drive controlled exhaust fan for precise airflow adjustment
  • Dust waste auger complete with water injection system
  • Dust silo and surge pod systems for consistent dust reintroduction
  • Dust weigh pods for accurate metering of dust usage

High Ratio Baghouse 10Controlling your exhaust fan by way of a variable frequency drive not only simplifies the ability to dial in the ideal airflow for your plant, but also increases your plant’s energy efficiency. In traditional exhaust fan damper systems, the high powered fan always runs at full speed. The enourmous amount of airflow is then regulated by way of a damper that limits the amount of air allowed out of the stack. When using a variable frequency drive there is no need for a damper system. The airflow is determined by simply controlling the speed at which the exhaust fan motor spins. This allows the plant operator to have more precision when finding the plants ideal airflow, and increases plant efficiency by reducing overall energy usage.

High Ratio Cleaning System

To develop a truly innovative dust control system, industry experts within Aesco Madsen studied the airflow and filtering processes of conventional baghouses. Among their more notable discoveries was that the widely used venturi system had some glaring efficiency issues with which they were ready to improve upon.

High Ratio Baghouse 6Typical Venturi System

In a typical venturi system the high velocity air at the discharge of the venturi creates negative pressure at the top of the bag. This causes dust to cling to the bag in this area, reducing the effective filter area of the bag and causing fine dust particles to embed into the filter cloth. Additionally the low velocity air jet located close to the bag opening limits the induction of secondary cleaning air.

The restricted opening of the venturi also accelerates the filtered air moving up into the plenum. This results in more required velocity from the downward cleaning air jet in order to overcome the upward moving filtered air. By using a higher velocity cleaning jet more energy is required, thus lowering overall plant efficiency.This increased jet velocity also creates a strong shock through the bag, accelerating bag wear over time.



High Ratio Baghouse 4Aesco Madsen High Ratio System

By eliminating the venturi at the top of the bag and instead utilizing a supersonic converging/diverging nozzle to generate the cleaning air jet, the high ratio system is able to induce more secondary air to assist in the cleaning process. The absence of the venturi also results in lowered throat velocity at the inlet of the bag. This eliminates the negative pressure issues seen at the top of the bag in traditional venturi systems.

Utilizing the whole open area of the bag mouth limits air jet expansion leading to less of a chance of dust cake blow out to occur since the cleaning air jet is already expanded to the full diameter of the bag. This even bag inflation also reduces wear and cleans the bag more efficiently. Being able to clean the bag more efficiently means that the HRB series baghouse uses only half the filter area required in traditional venturi systems, allowing Aesco Madsen to offer higher performance in a smaller package.


Superior Design Features


Mounted on the inlet end of the baghouse, the cyclone is where the initial dust collection takes place. As the dust rides along the exhaust gas stream and enters the cyclone, it encounters the inner walls of the cyclone. The gas and dust follow the curve of this inner wall and as a result move in a circular motion within the cyclone chamber. The gas and dust, now spinning inside the cyclone, creates centrifugal force which pulls the heaviest 70% of the dust outward, allowing those heavy particles to fall to the bottom of the cyclone.

High Ratio Baghouse 7


High Side Inlet

The remaining 30% of fine dust material enters the baghouse through a high side inlet port which ensures that the airflow is horizontal and downward rather than upward. This design is vital in assisting the fine dust particles to move downward into the hopper instead of upward where they risk being re-entrained into the bags. The air entrance knockout chamber extends the entire length of the baghouse, decelerating the airflow and causing more material to drop out into the hopper. Internal baffles protect the bags from abrasion and aid in even air distribution as the remaining airborne dust moves into the bag section.

High Ratio Baghouse 8

Available in a wide range of models to meet the specific filtration requirements of each and every client, the HRB series comes equipped with a full suite of industry leading standard features. A selection of additional upgrades are also available for customers who would like to explore the upper limits of plant efficiency and performance. For additional information on how the HRB High Ratio Baghouse can improve your plant operations, contact one of Aesco Madsen’s knowledgeable sales representatives today.

Satisfied Customers

"The superior performance of this baghouse and the support we received from Aesco Madsen exceeded all of our expectations."

Ken Gibson

Inland Asphalt, Spokane, WA