RAP Crusher Trailer

To ensure that an economical RAP system is available to every plant owner, Aesco Madsen developed the RT-48 series RAP trailer. This portable all-in-one RAP system offers the RAP crushing and processing benefits seen in larger RAP systems, but in a more versatile and compact design. Available in three separate conveyor designs to accommodate any existing or future plant layout, every RT-48 series RAP trailer comes equipped with a frame mounted, heavy duty RC-100 hammermill RAP crusher.

Portable Design

The single RAP feed bin of the RT-48 is available with a top-mounted grizzly, scalping off material larger than 8” in diameter. The feed bin’s steep walls work in concert with the optional air cannon and vibrator to prevent RAP from sticking to the sides and offer a means to dislodge any material bridging within the bin. Below the RAP feed bin, material is transported over a variable speed conveyor to a 4’ x 8’ scalping screen, diverting any oversized RAP into Aesco Madsen’s RC-100 Hammermill RAP crusher. The material is then reduced in size by the RAP crusher to a diameter of less than 1”, and finally discharged to a folding scale conveyor where it is weighed as it passes its RAP belt scale.

Compatible with any computerized blending system, the motor control center and control system included with the RT-48 series trailer offers unrestricted interfacing capabilities no matter your current set-up.

RAP Crusher Trailer 1

Superior Customization

By offering a wide variety of customization options, Aesco Madsen has established itself as a leader in portable RAP crushing/processing solutions. The following represents many of the notable RT-48 system options currently available.

  • Adjustable support jacks and port-a-pads for easy frame leveling
  • Hinged bin extensions for expanded storage capacity
  • Heavy-duty, replaceable bin liners for prolonged bin life
  • No-flow limit switches to alert plant operator of a blockage or absence of bin material
  • Durable backfill bulkhead for an added level of protection from daily bin loader operation
  • Bin vibrators to prevent material from bridging and impeding flow
  • Air cannons to assist in knocking free any blocked material
  • Cross-sectional grizzly to screen out unwanted material

RAP Crusher Trailer 7

Available in three separate models to meet the specific requirements of each and every client, Aesco Madsen’s line of RAP crusher processing trailers come equipped with a full suite of industry leading standard features. A broad selection of additional upgrades are also available for customers who would like to explore the upper limits of plant efficiency and performance. For additional information on how an Aesco Madsen RT-48 RAP crushing trailer can improve your plant operations, contact one of Aesco Madsen’s knowledgeable sales representatives today.

Satisfied Customers

"We received a great quality product for the price with Aesco Madsen’s Rap Crusher and have been very happy with the design as well as the ease of use. What I like about Aesco Madsen is they don’t try and oversell us and instead are willing to work with what we have in order to try and save us money on our possible costs."

Trent Richardson

Simon Contractors, Cheyenne, WY