RAP Feed Bins

Available in both portable and stationary models, Aesco Madsen RAP feed bin systems are equipped to meet the needs of every customer by way of their numerous made-to-order customization options. Should your specific set-up require bin extensions for expanded RAP storage capacity, a heavy duty backfill bulkhead for added equipment protection, or bin vibrators for smooth material discharge; Aesco Madsen will customize the perfect RAP feed bin system for your operation requirements.

Mix Design Precision Through Variable Frequency Drives

More than 40 years of asphalt equipment production experience has allowed Aesco Madsen to fine tune their products to maximize durability, efficiency, and precision; with their RAP feed bin systems being no exception. Hand built in the United States, each cold feed bin system is constructed with durable, long-lasting materials such as heavy duty steel and vulcanized spliced rubber belts.

To aid in both efficiency and precision, Aesco Madsen utilizes variable frequency drives on it’s individual RAP feeder conveyors. This allows the plant operator to dial in the exact recycled asphalt proportions to match their mix design requirements. The variable frequency drive design can either be retro-fitted to work with an existing mix design control system, or utilized with one of Aesco Madsen’s standard ADP (asphalt drum mix process) computerized blending systems.

RAP Feed Bins 7

Superior Customization

By offering a wide variety of customization options, Aesco Madsen has established itself as a leader in portable and stationary RAP feed solutions. The following represents many of the notable RAP feed system options currently available:

  • Durable backfill bulkhead for an added level of protection from daily bin loader operation
  • Bin vibrators to prevent material from bridging and impeding flow
  • Air cannons to assist in knocking free any blocked material
  • Cross-sectional grizzly to screen out unwanted material
  • Adjustable support jacks and port-a-pads for easy frame leveling
  • Hinged bin extensions for expanded storage capacity
  • Heavy-duty, replaceable bin liners for prolonged bin life
  • No-flow limit switches to alert plant operator of a blockage or absence of bin material

RAP Feed Bins 2

Available in a wide range of models to meet the specific requirements of each and every client, Aesco Madsen’s line of RAP feed bin systems come equipped with a full suite of industry leading standard features. A broad selection of additional upgrades and supplementary equipment such as the RC-100 Hammermill RAP Crusher are also available for customers who would like to explore the upper limits of plant efficiency and performance. For more information on how Aesco Madsen RAP feed bins can improve your plant operations, contact one of Aesco Madsen’s knowledgeable sales representatives today.

What Our Customers Say

"In 1993 Aesco Madsen built an entire GB400 asphalt plant for us, and over the years they have done many control system jobs on both of our plant locations. I could write a book on our relationship with Aesco Madsen as it’s always a pleasure to work with them."

Dave Spaulding

Tucci & Sons, Tacoma, WA