Self-Erect Silo

Available in both 50 and 80 ton storage capacities, the WM series self-erect silo models from Aesco Madsen come complete with drag slat conveyor, storage silo, and self-erecting system all in one portable package. The WM series silo utilizes dual hydraulic cylinders to erect the drag slat conveyor and silo into place. This process can be completed by one operator in less than 15 minutes, saving valuable time in your set-up.

Model Specifications

Standard Features
  • Self-contained, gasoline powered, hydraulic pump self- erect system
  • Skid resistant top-mounted steel platform and solid steel kick plates
  • High temperature, fiberglass blanket insulation wrapped in galvanized steel housing
  • 1800 rpm high efficiency motor with open mesh belt guard
Available Upgrades
  • Electric gate heating system to ensure efficient heat retention and loadout operation.
  • Chrome carbide drag slat floor liners for extended life of the drag floor.
  • Computer automated reverse weigh LC-3000 silo loadout system.

Self-Erect Simplicity

Dual hydraulic cylinders erect the silo and drag slat conveyor into place through a self-contained pump system equipped with it’s own reservoir, oil filter, and gasoline engine. As the hydraulic cylinders lift the drag slat conveyor upward, a steel cable connecting the conveyor and the silo pulls the silo up into place. The silo pivots on the frame and is pinned to the frame once it is in place. This entire erection process can be completed in less than fifteen minutes by one man, saving you valuable time in your plant set-up procedures.

The portable WM series package includes a heavy-duty tubular frame with support pads to match grade, fifth-wheel kingpin trailer hitch, and landing gear equipped with manual hand crank. With ease of transportation in mind, this series also includes air brakes, dual tires, mud flaps, and United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) approved lighting standard on all WM series silos.

Self-Erect Silo 6

Drag Slat Conveyor

Three sizes of drag slat conveyors are available on the WM series self erect storage silos, all of which boast full-length steel casing covers hinged in 4 foot long easily removable casings. 1/2” thick heavy-duty wear resistant floor plates line the bottom of every 24” wide drag slat housing, and 5/8” thick plates line the 30’ and 36” wide drag slat housing floors. Each floor liner is cast diagonally for smooth operation and is accompanied by full-length, 1/2″ thick, abrasion resistant side liners which are bolted in place to lock the floor liners to the drag housing floor.

The 24” wide model comes equipped with a single 4” pitch drag chain assembly. This model is rated at 250 TPH and can be utilized on both the WM 50 and WM 80 silos. The 30” and 36” models are equipped with double 4” pitch drag chain assemblies, boast ratings of 300 TPH and 400 TPH respectively, and come exclusively on the WM-80 silo to accommodate their higher TPH output capabilities.

Self-Erect Silo 7

A pneumatically operated bypass gate is installed on the drag housing to discharge reject material to the ground. The drag conveyor has a manually adjusted tail shaft tensioning assembly for easy drag chain tensioning. A 4000-lb capacity pneumatically operated, dual clamshell gate batch hopper is mounted at the top of the drag system. A timer, either from the silo control panel or optional LC-3000 computerized control system, controls the batch hopper. This batcher cycles between trucks loading out of silo when the optional LC-3000 computerized loadout control is used.

Available in either 50 or 80 ton capacities depending on your specific storage/output requirements, the WM series comes equipped with a number of industry leading standard features. A selection of additional upgrades are also available for customers who would like to explore the upper limits of plant efficiency and performance. For additional information on how the WM series hot mix asphalt self-erect storage silo can improve your plant operations, contact one of Aesco Madsen’s knowledgeable sales representatives today.

What Our Customers Say

"We purchased a complete asphalt plant from Aesco Madsen in 2007 with a self-erect silo. We can have that silo installed and erected within an hour and are very satisfied with it. It’s the best setup I’ve ever seen. Overall, I'd say they are the best people we deal with."

Norman Tetraulp

Nelson River, Winnipeg, Manitoba